New Location, New Logo for Vasigh Law Firm

Nobody hopes to need a criminal defense attorney down the road, but the need does arise for thousands of Hillsborough County residents each year. Fortunately, Attorney Maj Vasigh serves the greater Tampa, Florida area with unrelenting criminal defense services dedicated to minimizing the devastating impacts that a criminal record can have on your life. His practice recently moved to a new location and launched a new logo to reflect everything that Vasigh Law has to offer those who find themselves fighting criminal charges.

The new logo, a crest with an anchor, gavel, and ’07 placed inside, represents many different components of Attorney Vasigh’s practice. The anchor symbolizes the firm’s new move to its permanent home on the first floor of the Model T Building. Located in the Channelside neighborhood of Downtown Tampa and the emerging new Water Street neighborhood, this location is an investment into the new and emerging redevelopment of the area as Tampa continues to grow and flourish. It’s a larger and more private space that will allow Attorney Vasigh to put his experience to work vigorously defending his clients.

The ’07 in the new logo, meanwhile, symbolizes the year that Attorney Vasigh began practicing law. His extensive work, training, and experience has culminated ten years later to make his practice one of the most recognizable and utilized in the Tampa area. The Vasigh name is a well-respected name in the community, and clients know that Attorney Vasigh takes great pride in handling every case personally. He fights relentlessly for each of his clients in order to deliver the best possible outcome in every case. In fact, his commitment has allowed him to be featured as one of the Top Ten DUI Attorneys and Top Ten Criminal Defense Attorneys in Tampa.

While Attorney Vasigh’s firm moves away from its circle logo with the MV initials, it continues to utilize its “Defend Tampa” slogan. The Hillsborough County community associates the name Vasigh with one of the most elite defense attorneys. Call (813) 800-1111 today to learn more, schedule your free consultation, and ensure that a criminal record does not stop your life in its tracks.

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