Local Attorney Maj Vasigh Serves as Mentor for Student in Need

We all wish that every child in the world could enjoy a simple, happy, and safe childhood that is free from trauma and pain, but sadly, that’s not the way it goes. Too many children, even in our own Tampa community, experience considerable hardships when they are young. This is exactly why criminal defense attorney Maj Vasigh volunteers to mentor homeless elementary school students at the Sullivan Partnership School through Metropolitan Ministries.

Metropolitan Ministries is a local, independent, faith-based nonprofit committed to serving poor and homeless families in Tampa Bay. From food and housing to childcare, life skills, and important resources, Metropolitan Ministries is devoted to helping families in need rise above their difficulties and become self-sufficient. Back in 2015, Metropolitan Ministries announced a partnership with Hillsborough County Schools District to open a new partnership school to serve homeless and poor students.

Today, the Sullivan Partnership School is home to 109 students who benefit from the support and dedication of teachers and volunteers alike. Metropolitan Ministries offers a Business Community Mentorship Program to connect members of the community with these students. Throughout the 2016-2017 school year, Attorney Vasigh served as a mentor to a young homeless student named Damion* at Sullivan Partnership School.

Once a week, Vasigh would take a break from his job as a criminal defense attorney to join Damion for lunch. Since Damion and so many other students like him have unstable home lives and quickly fall behind in school, Vasigh’s time with Damion served to influence his life in a positive way by creating an empathetic and reliable role model and adult friend. Metropolitan Ministries is all about inspiring hope, and Vasigh is proud to have contributed to this message of hope by becoming a friend and trusted adult in Damion’s life.

*Name changed for privacy purposes.

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