What Should You Know about Batter Domestic Violence?

Being arrested for domestic violence battery is a serious situation, one that requires the immediate attention of a qualified criminal defense attorney. Domestic violence battery is defined by Florida’s legal system as any intentional touching or striking that causes bodily harm of another household member without consent. Given the often complicated circumstances behind domestic violence charges, you need to hire an attorney like Maj Vasigh of Vasigh Law immediately to give yourself the best chance of a minimal sentence or dropped charge.

Understand The Potential Punishment

A battery domestic violence conviction in Florida can lead to up to one year in jail, 12 months probation, and a fine. It also revokes your concealed weapon permit. Many people don’t realize this, but a domestic violence battery conviction is also ineligible for sealing and expunging from your criminal record. If you have a formal conviction, it will remain on your record forever.

Don’t Expect Bond

Many alleged criminals can post bond or bail after their arrest and go home until it’s their day in court, but even misdemeanor battery domestic violence charges in Hillsborough County are not eligible for bond. The defendant is required to first see a judge the following morning. Furthermore, a No Contact order will be given, meaning that you will be prohibited from returning to the location of the battery offense. Since most offenses occur at home, this is often problematic.

Hire a Lawyer Before Anything Else

When it comes to criminal cases, having an attorney present from the very beginning can make an enormous difference in the outcome of the case. Contact Maj Vasigh immediately after a battery domestic violence charge to ensure he will defend your case at First Appearance the next morning. Attorney Vasigh can help you be granted bond or present testimony that your situation is simply a misunderstanding. Call (813) 800-1111 now to get Attorney Vasigh on your side.

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