The Most Effective Drug Crime Defense Strategies

Drug charges are serious business, but they don’t need to wreck your life. With an experienced an aggressive lawyer on your side, the right criminal defense strategies can be used to have your drug and contraband charges dismissed or minimized as much as possible. All hope is not lost!

Constructive Possession Defense

This defense is based on the Florida law that proximity to drugs does not prove guilt of possession beyond a reasonable doubt. In drug charges that arise from a traffic stop of a vehicle with several people inside, this constructive possession defense can be used to demonstrate that it is fundamentally unjust to hold the driver responsible for the drugs found in a mutually accessible area. The right Tampa criminal defense attorney can use this reasoning to have your drug charge dismissed using a pretrial motion.

Motions to Suppress Evidence

If your drug charge was a result of a warrantless traffic stop or search of your home or vehicle, the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution can come to your rescue. This amendment protects you from unreasonable and unlawful government search and seizures. A Motion to Suppress Evidence can be used in this situation to argue that the evidence was obtained through an unconstitutional action and is therefore inadmissible against you as evidence.

Motion to Disclose Confidential Informant

This type of defense exposes the lack of credibility of the confidential informant (CI) used in your drug charge situation. CIs are often desperate and will do anything to lessen their own drug sentence. If your attorney can prove your CI’s credibility is questionable, your charge could be dismissed.

Addiction Defense

Drug addiction is a growing problem in the United States, so your attorney can use the addiction defense to resolve your legal case by helping you seek treatment for your addiction. You may have the option to enroll in a treatment program through the Hillsborough County Drug Court. Your charges may even be dismissed after successfully completing the drug court program!

Attorney Vasigh of Vasigh Law in Tampa, Florida is the area’s premier criminal defense attorney. He has extensive experience using all of the above defense strategies, and many more, to help his clients avoid serious drug charges and years in jail. Call him today at (813) 800-1111 to begin your free initial consultation.

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