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After the arrest for a theft crime, the first step you should take is hiring an experienced legal representative. Attorney Maj Vasigh is a Tampa theft crime lawyer skilled in defending all types of theft crimes, including those involving fraud, the theft of material objects, and deception. Call today and let us fight aggressively for you.

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Defense Strategies for Theft Crimes

Man Stealing Woman’s Phone Out of Her PurseTheft crimes can carry heavy fines and penalties, including prison or jail time. If you face these charges, you should seek strong representation right away. Having represented a wide range of theft offenses, Maj Vasigh knows how local prosecutors think and how to look for evidence that pokes holes in their strategy. In order for a prosecutor to reach a conviction, they will need to prove that you had the intent to take another's property and the intention to use it for your own personal use. We may be able to gather evidence to show that it was a case of mistaken identity, a misunderstanding, or other situation.

A few common theft crimes we defend include:

  • Petty theft
  • Dealing in stolen property (812.019 Florida Stat.)
  • Larceny (812.061 Florida Stat.)
  • Robbery (812.13 Florida Stat.)
  • Carjacking (812.133 Florida Stat.)

Possible Penalties for Theft Crimes

Theft crimes are one of the most far-reaching categories of offenses in criminal law. Ranging from the smallest value shoplifting to armed robbery, our firm can represent any type of theft crime charge. The consequences for theft crime convictions vary significantly depending on the value of the item and whether anyone was allegedly threatened or hurt. In Florida, crimes involving less than $300 are typically considered petty theft while those over $300 are grand theft.

Hire a Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney with Experience in Theft Crime Defense

Depending on the circumstances, you may face time in jail or prison, large fines, restitution, and community service. You may also have difficulty getting loans, education, housing, or employment with a theft crime on your record. Fortunately, our Tampa theft crime lawyer has the skills and knowledge to protect you if you have been accused of a crime of this nature.

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