Federal Crimes

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Types of Federal Crimes & Penalties in Florida

Being arrested on federal charges is one of the most serious legal situations you can find yourself in. Federal crimes are not investigated or tried in the same way as other crimes; federal agencies like the DEA, ATF, and FBI investigate these charges, rather than local law enforcement. Even if you have not yet been arrested but believe you are under investigation by any federal agency, you should hire representation right away. Fortunately, Tampa federal criminal defense lawyer Maj Vasigh has handled many federal cases and knows how to fight for each client.

Our firm represents clients charged with:

  • Arson
  • Bank fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Drug crimes
  • RICO
  • Bank robbery
  • Embezzlement
  • Firearm crimes
  • Cyber crimes
  • Child pornography
  • Money laundering

A federal crime is an offense that violates federal law. The federal government takes these offenses very seriously and goes to great lengths to prosecute, spending endless man-hours and resources to secure a conviction. By the time an arrest is made, the case against you may have been built up for weeks or months. A grand jury indictment could have even been obtained. With life-altering consequences at stake, having the proper legal defense on your side is vital.

Maj Vasigh Federal Crime Legal Counsel

Because federal crimes are not handled in the same manner as other types of crimes, you should choose a lawyer with experience in this area of the law. Attorney Maj Vasigh understands the nuances of the law and how federal agencies investigate and prosecute these offenses. With experience fighting for our clients in federal courts, many clients throughout the legal community trust us. If you or a loved one have been charged with a federal crime, call us for help.

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