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Assault and battery charges in Florida can come about as a result of numerous circumstances, including misunderstandings or self-defense. No matter the reason, violent crimes carry very serious consequences. Maj Vasigh represents clients arrested for a wide range of assault and battery offenses. If you are facing a charge of this nature, you must take immediate action to protect your future and freedom. You can rely on our firm to help you navigate the process and advocate for you.

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Assault and Battery Charges in Florida

Under 784.011 of the Florida Criminal Statutes, assault and battery are two separate crimes that are often confused when they are charged together. While assault has to do with the threat of violence or harm even when physical harm is not necessarily caused, battery involves the act of causing pain.

Both assault and battery can be charged at multiple different levels, i.e. simple assault or aggravated assault.

Effective Defense Strategies for Assault & Battery

With years of experience providing our clients with effective defense strategies, our legal team knows how to properly investigate the charges you face. No matter the circumstances, our Tampa assault and battery lawyer stands ready to work with you to reduce the chance of your charges reaching a conviction.

A few examples of defense strategies we may use include:

  • Defense of property
  • Professional duty
  • Self-defense
  • Mistaken identity

The bottom line is that even if you believe you are innocent, the other party involved in the incident and their attorney are likely building a case against you. It is important that you hire a legal advocate who can do the same for you. Every moment is essential in keeping yourself out of jail or reducing the penalties involved with a criminal conviction. Call Maj Vasigh now.

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