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Facing criminal charges in Tampa, FL?

Aggressively Protecting Our Clients' Rights

Man Being ArrestedYour personal freedom and future are not worth risking. If you or a loved one have been arrested for any criminal offense, you should hire legal defense right away. Attorney Maj Vasigh understands the stressful situation you are in and how to approach the law with caution. When you are facing the potential consequence of a conviction, your reputation and freedom are on the line. You can rely on us to fight for you, giving you the best possible chance of avoiding these life-altering consequences.

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Types of Criminal Cases We Handle

When you are arrested and charged with any crime, the arresting officer (and other officials) may begin to question you. It is important that you remain silent as you are not required to answer their questions. Instead, ask to have your Tampa criminal defense attorney present so we may protect your rights and guide you through the process. When you choose our firm, you're putting our experience and breadth of knowledge on your side.

A few common cases we handle include:

Retain an Aggressive Legal Advocate in Tampa

We urge our clients to speak with a legal advocate as soon as possible after an arrest. The sooner you hire Maj Vasigh, the sooner we can begin investigating and building a case on your behalf. This may involve ordering tests, consulting witnesses, and examining the evidence. Whatever your charges may be, you can rely on us to use our knowledge of the law to prepare for trial.

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