An accused needs an attorney immediately following an arrest for Domestic Violence Battery in Hillsborough County, Florida. The Criminal Defense Attorneys of Maj Vasigh, PA will stand with you or your loved one from the morning after their arrest through trial, if required.

What is the definition of Battery Domestic Violence?
The criminal justice system defines Domestic Violence Battery as any intentional touching or striking that causes bodily harm- of another household member, without consent, Fl. Stat. 741.28 (2017).

What are the penalties for Battery Domestic Violence?
A conviction for Battery Domestic Violence in Florida can lead to a punishment of up to 1 year in jail, 12 months probation, and a fine. It also results in the revocation of your concealed weapons permit. Quite important also is that a conviction for Domestic Violence Battery is ineligible for sealing and expunging from your criminal record.

No Bond and No Contact on Domestic Violence Cases:
No questions, even misdemeanor charges like this can become very political. The criminal justice process is hard on these kinds of offenses. In Hillsborough County and other areas around Tampa Bay, any arrest for Domestic Violence will be a no-bond arrest until the Defendant sees a Judge at First Appearance Court the following morning. Additionally, the Defendant will be issued a strict “No-Contact” order and will be prohibited from returning the location of the offense (usually their own home). Having an attorney at your first appearance can modify this and keep your loved one from unwittingly breaking the law again by violating a no-contact order.

Hire an Attorney Immediately:
The First Appearance Judge Monday through Friday is usually Judge Margaret Taylor and her court room is #17 in Hillsborough County Court, 800 E. Twiggs St. Tampa, FL 33602. You must be there at 8:30 AM the morning after the arrest if the arrest is before or very close to midnight. If the arrest is much later (ie early in the morning) then the first appearance will be the following morning and the defendant will have to spend the next day and night in jail. The Defendant will appear via video-conference from the Orient Road Jail.

If someone you know has been arrested, it is important that they have an attorney by their side the very next morning to argue that the Defendant should be entitled to a bond, or a release on his own recognizance (“ROR”). If you are the victim in a case and this is a misunderstanding or argument that went too far, and you actually want contact with the alleged Defendant, you would need to appear at the court house, court room #17 along with your loved one’s attorney, to present testimony in support of your request for bond and your request to modify the no-contact agreement.

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