President | Lead Trial Attorney
Tampa Office
Undergrad: Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, 2004 Daytona Beach
Law School: The University of Florida, 2007 Gainesville

maj vasighMaj Vasigh was born to fight for your rights in a courtroom. Raised on the east coast of Florida, he is a first generation American who authentically values the power and protections granted to our citizens by the United States Constitution. Millions of people across the world don’t have the privilege of having their rights defended fairly, and this inspires him to fight creatively and aggressively on behalf of his clients.

After graduating from undergrad with honors, Maj was accepted to the State’s flagship law school, the University of Florida where he specialized in criminal law. While in law school, he spent time overseas studying International Criminal Law and Human rights in the Hague and spent time as an intern with the Office of The State Attorney, learning how to successfully prosecute cases. After graduating from law school, he put the tools he acquired to work and began defending clients in Hillsborough County, Florida as a public defender.

Maj was recruited by a privately held Inc 500 international marketing company to serve as Assistant General Counsel. Part of his emphasis was on Federal and State regulatory compliance and also helped litigate civil actions brought by competitors, the Attorney General’s office, and the Federal Trade Commission. He eventually was promoted to Vice President of Compliance.

In 2013 Maj decided to return to private practice where he could work on his true passion, and the reason he became a lawyer: helping actual people instead of big corporations.

Maj prides himself on being an effective advocate in the court room but also being an effective mentor to clients who have a chance to turn their lives around. His goal will always be to get his clients out of trouble and to KEEP them out of trouble.

Maj is a proud lifetime member of the Hillsborough County Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, an Executive member of the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce, and is rated as a top criminal defense attorney by national publications.

In his “spare” time, Maj enjoys staying active in the community, engaging in local politics, and volunteering for through local charities like Metropolitan Ministries. In his personal time, he enjoys good small batch Kentucky bourbon, good food, the company of his incredible wife (also an attorney in Tampa) and their adopted pit bull that he found in the Ballast Point Park. 

Question: How do you pronounce the name? 

Answer: That’s a fair question. Maj, like the first syllable of “Magic.” Vasigh, the gh is silent: “Va-sigh”