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  • Amazingly consistent and professional. Without a doubt the best attorney I've had the honor (even in my circumstances) having working for me. Definitively will not be disappointed!
  • Our case was handled professionally and we got the outcome we were hoping for. We now consider Maj a family friend. Can't recommend him enough!
  • He got a felony charged completely dropped and I have a clean record! I can finally breathe again. Thank you Maj! Highly recommended!
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Hillsborough County Criminal Defense Lawyer

We Are 100%, Exclusively A Criminal Defense Law Firm

This is a laser focused law firm. You don’t hire your family doctor to perform brain surgery do you? Tampa criminal law firm Maj Vasigh, PA only practices criminal defense. We only do one thing- Criminal Defense- and we do it right. Since 2007, Tampa criminal defense lawyer Maj Vasigh (pronounced Madge Vas-i) has relentlessly represented his clients in Hillsborough County courts. And since 2013, after founding the firm, Criminal Defense Attorney Maj Vasigh has been consistently ranked as one of the elite and most determined defense attorneys in Tampa and Hillsborough County. Do we have experience in handling the type of charge you’re facing? You bet. Your case will be handled by one attorney: Maj Vasigh. You will have his cell phone number and you will be able to call or text anytime, even after hours or weekends. Your legal matter, no matter how big or small, will not be passed to our staff. The buck stops with Mr. Vasigh; your satisfaction is his priority. If you or a loved one has been arrested or has a criminal court date, you need to call us now.

Hillsborough County Home Team

We focus 100% on Hillsborough County . Our office in Ybor City is our one and only location. You can find attorney Maj Vasigh at court in downtown Tampa almost every day of the week. Whether arrested in Brandon, Town n County, Riverview, New Tampa, South Tampa, Hyde Park, Westchase, or anywhere else in Hillsborough County, your felony case will be heard in downtown Tampa at 800 E Twiggs St. Some misdemeanor and traffic cases arising out of Eastern Hillsborough county will be heard at the Plant City courthouse. Because we are hyper-focused and specialize in Hillsborough County, your Tampa criminal case outcome can benefit from the attorney’s advanced knowledge of the system: familiarity with what specific judges like to hear, experience with certain law enforcement officers, and the attorney’s character and reputation in the legal community here. Attorney Maj Vasigh is a lifetime member of the prestigious Hillsborough County Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers having also served on the board of directors.

100% Authenticity

We do not believe in political correctness. Make no mistake: we will unconditionally zealously fight tooth and nail for you and will explore every legal and factual defense to the edge of the law. But if you want an attorney to take your money and tell you what you want to hear, then we are probably not the right fit. This is a prestigious specialty firm. Not only are clients interviewing us, but we also closely scrutinize potential clients for their honesty, character, and resolve. Florida Bar rules of conduct explicitly state that attorneys can not guarantee results. But what we will do is break down in simple, easy to understand language, (A) an explanation of what you are facing, (B) our unique experience in handling your type of case and prior examples of how the cases turned out, and (C) what our professional opinion is on what the best case scenario could be. We will only ever tell you the truth. Our goal of course, is to meet or exceed the typical best case scenario. Call us now to hear how we can help.

Experience and Results

Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney Maj Vasigh is a Florida native and proud graduate of the state’s flagship law school, The University of Florida’s Levin College of Law. He has almost a decade of legal experience and has been featured in numerous independent attorney rankings as a Top Ten DUI Attorney, Top Ten Criminal Defense Attorney, a Top 100 Criminal Trial Attorney, a Top 40 Under 40 Criminal Trial Attorney, is rated 10.0 Superb by, has been featured in Tampa Magazine’s Top Lawyers, has been quoted in local and national media for his legal expertise and defense of well-known clientele. Tampa Criminal Defense firm Maj Vasigh, PA is a reputable business, rated A+ and certified by the Better Business Bureau. Experience and ambition means your case will get the best outcome with our use of fine-tuned, creative, cutting edge criminal litigation strategy. We challenge you to find one dissatisfied client. Ask us about our record of success.

Defense of College Students and Professionals

Tampa is a college town, a convention center, and a party town. Many of our clients are the people who you would least expect to need a Criminal Defense Attorney. We have successfully represented countless USF, UT, and HCC college students in Hillsborough County charged with offenses like possession of MDMA, possession of cocaine, shoplifting, grand theft, other felonies, misdemeanors, and DUI. A criminal record for a college student or certain professionals can sometimes be like a death sentence to their careers. We have represented doctors, nurses, fellow attorneys (yes, even attorneys aren’t immune from prosecution), graduate students, and professionals from out of state here in Tampa on business trips. Because of the special circumstances for some clients, many times we can aggressively fight your case without you even having to make a single appearance in court. Tampa criminal defense lawyer Maj Vasigh will stand in your corner and even in the ring to save you the time, money, and anxiety of having to appear in court. If there is no way to get the case dismissed, we will work with you, your university, or your professional licensing agency to explore alternative outcomes to minimize or eliminate the damage to your career and reputation. Contact us now for the advice you need to get back on your feet.

  • ZeroNumber of days in jail for client who walked out of the courtroom after last Jury Trial (February 2016) because our client was found not Guilty on all 3 felony counts after facing 60 years in prison.
  • ZeroNo Unsatisfied Clients since the firm was
    founded in 2013.
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